Will iOS 7 make my old iPhone like new?

Will iOS 7 make my old iPhone like new?
CNET ‘s Marguerite Reardon offers some insight on whether  Apple’s  revamped  iOS  operating system will breathe new life into your old  iPhone .

Apple has given the operating system for its  iPhones ,  iPads , and  iPod Touches  a new look with the introduction of iOS 7. But is the software alone enough to satisfy eager Apple fans who are constantly looking to upgrade to the next generation of iPhone?

In this edition of Ask Maggie I take a look at some of the new features available in the software. And I explain how the iOS 7 could make older iPhones feel like new. Ultimately, I offer my opinion on whether users should upgrade to the next version of iPhone hardware or just upgrade the software and enjoy the benefits of new features and a new user interface.

iOS 7 offers a new look and feel for old iPhones

Dear Maggie,

I’ve had several iPhones through the years. I’m usually tempted to buy a new one each time they come out. Last year, I bought an iPhone 5, even though I already had the  iPhone 4S . I do like the bigger screen and the fact that the phone has LTE. But other than that, nothing much has changed in terms of the hardware on Apple devices.

Now I’m wondering if you think it will be worth upgrading when the next iPhone is introduced later this year. I’m just thinking that the new iOS 7 looks pretty cool, and I may not even need a new iPhone if I can update my iPhone 5 with the new software. What do you think? Will iOS 7 make me feel like I have a new phone?


Dear Jerry,

It’s hard to answer your question definitively given that a new iPhone hasn’t yet been announced. At this point, I don’t know what new hardware features Apple will add to the next version of the iPhone, which we expect to be introduced in the fall. Still, I think what you’re getting at in this question is a valid point.

Eventually, the hardware differences among new devices become somewhat insignificant to most wireless users. Some people might argue that we’ve already reached that point. And that’s why the nearly 3-year-old  iPhone 4 , and almost 2-year-old iPhone 4S are still selling like hotcakes.

For me, the big leap in hardware came with the iPhone 5. While it looked very similar to the iPhone 4S, except for a slightly bigger screen and body, the most important technology change was its support of 4G LTE.

The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone to support this network technology. And in my opinion this hardware difference, which greatly improves network performance of the device, was enough to recommend the iPhone 5 over the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S.

I don’t anticipate the same kind of must-have hardware upgrade in the next iPhone. Of course, I expect the processor to be faster, the screen to be better, and the camera to be improved. But in my estimation those are all incremental changes that often don’t mean much to average consumers when compared with the previous-generation product. I think we’ve already reached the point where most consumers are fine with the hardware specs of last year’s iPhone, or any smartphone for that matter. We are now in an era where the big differences are about software features and the user interface.

Luckily for you and other iPhone customers who have bought older iPhones, the new iOS 7 will add a new look and feel, plus new functionality to your existing device. Even the 3-year-old iPhone 4 will get this refresh with the software update…

via Article – CNET – Will iOS 7 make my old iPhone like new?.

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