Sony vs Nintendo vs Xbox: Console Battle at E3

Sony vs Nintendo vs Xbox: Console Battle at E3

The Electronic Entertainment Expo, otherwise known as E3, is the biggest gaming convention of the year and it’s where all the big name, and the small name, companies are showing off their latest consoles and games.

We’re currently wrapped up in the middle of E3 and TechnologyGuide has boots on the ground in the Los Angeles Convention center. We’re taking in all the big press conferences, demoing new games and grabbing some hands-on time with the most exciting upcoming products.

It’s no secret the major players in gaming were going to be a big focus of this year’s convention with their upcoming consoles and E3 hasn’t disappointed. After previously announcing the Xbox One, Microsoft spent the entire 90 minutes of its press conference announcing new, known, exclusive and soon-to-arrive games. Sony arguably came away the winner of E3 when it finally showed off the PlayStation 4 and announced its own series of new games. Not to be forgotten, Nintendo announced new versions of some of its most popular games like Mario Kart and Super Smash Brothers.

While the major keynotes have come and gone, E3 isn’t over yet and TG will have everything covered by the time the curtain does fall on the show.

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