Net10 APN Settings iPhone MMS

Net10 APN Settings iPhone MMS
Net10 APN Settings iPhone MMS

Net10 APN Settings iPhone MMS






Here is the info on how to setup Net10 Wireless iPhone APN in order to have internet access and MMS or picture massaging;

First you will need a AT&T or T-Mobile  SIM card ( does not have to be active ) or you can borrow one from your friend or purchase online.

Make sure you turn on the WiFi first.

Go to Safari and in address bar type then choose Net 10 (att.mvno) and create APN. Make sure your old APN Profile is uninstalled, otherwise it will give you error.

After you install the APN Profile, go to Settings and turn off your WiFi. At this point you might want to restart the iPhone or just go to Settings, General, Cellular and turn your Cellular Data OFF and the ON.

Now go to Safari and type any website into the address bar to make sure your internet is working. If it is the you are on the right track and can continue to the next step. If NOT then repeat the above steps but you have to change the APN Profile from “” website to other profile until you have internet access.

Now, that you have internet access though Net 10 towers you will need that other SIM card ready.

Remove you original SIM and go to Settings, Cellular and there you should see new or hidden Cellular Data field.

Now, without changing or pressing anything, remove the dummy SIM and insert your original Net 10 sim card.

Wait, until the SIM is recognized by your iPhone and your signal bar is “UP”

Now, input new data as follow;

Under Cellular Data APN: att.mvno

Under MMS APN att.mvno


MMS Proxy:

Thats it. The other fields should be blank.

Press you home button to go back and restart you iPhone. Check your internet connection, and the ability to send and receive picture massages (MMS) through your less expensive Net 10 Wireless Network.



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