Liquid Spill Repair

Laptop Liquid Spill Repair
Laptop Liquid Spill Repair

Symptoms of liquid spill. Flickering screen, sound going on and off, keyboard or mouse pad not responding,strange noises from the hard drive or fans, lights going on and off, laptop not turning on at all.

How long will the replacement or repair take this issue?

It is recommended that you call us straight away should any liquid be split on your laptop.
We can quickly strip it down and clean it all with a special solution that leave no residue behind.
This is often all that is needed.

When they are left often the damage done is already to severe and the board will need replacing along with other parts such as the hard drive.
Often when this is the case the laptop is beyond economical repair.

Please call 561-285-2828 for Laptop Liquid Spill Repair in West Palm Beach

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