Laptop Screen Repair West Palm Beach

Laptop Screen Repair West Palm Beach
Broken LCD Screen Repair

Laptop Screen Repair West Palm Beach

Laptop screen repair West Palm Beach takes usually one day unless screen has to be order. We carry most of the popular laptop LCD screens in stock.

Laptop screens are very fragile and very often break or crack or simply just fail. Often laptop screen might be just dark or black and this usually indicates that might not be LCD screen issue but rather graphics chip ( GPU ) on your motherboard. We can fix, repair this problem as well for far less than replacing your laptop screen.

If the display on your laptop has a “lava lamp” look to it or simply broken glass/plastic, Global Fuze Inc. does Laptop Screen Repair in West Palm Beach

We replace cracked laptop screens on most popular laptop brands, including; Apple MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, HP, Compaq, Sony, Dell, Acer, Toshiba and even generic models.

Also if the display on your laptop dark or barely visible, we will fix it for you.LCD inverter takes only one day to repair. This usually applies to older style laptops or the newer laptops that have a problem with powering the LED backlight.

We only charge $40 for laptop screen replacement (LCD screen not included)


We also repair all computer and laptop problems: internet connection issues, virus removal, hard drive repair, hard drive data recovery, networking problems, blue screens of death (BSOD), LCD laptop screen replacement, motherboard repair, DC power jack repair, USB connector replacement, sound issues, inverter replacement, power connector repair, Windows reinstallation, circuit board repair, computer software upgrades and more.

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