How to replace your DVD Drive

How to replace your dvd drive

How to replace your DVD Drive. Most of the laptops have universal CD/DVD drives that can be replaced with ease. The only difference is some are with IDE connectors (older) and some are with SATA (newer laptops). Other that that there are the same.

Step 1;

Usually on the bottom of the laptop there is a screw that holds the DVD drive in place. Remove that screw.

Step 2;

With your small screw driver slide the drive out of the laptop.

Step 3;

Remove your original faceplate from your old drive and place it in the new one. Also make sure you swap the metal bracket from the back of your DVD and install it on the new one. Slide the new drive in the laptop and secure it with the screw.

SATA connector on DVD drive
SATA connector on DVD
IDE connector on DVD Drive
IDE connector on DVD Drive

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