DC Jack Repair West Palm Beach

DC Jack Repair West Palm Beach
DC Jack Repair

DC Jack Repair West Palm Beach

Most of the repair shops don’t want to deal with this problems like broken DC jacks, USB jacks, power or video issues.

Many, including the large nationwide stores like BestBuy and the laptop’s manufacturers, will either tell you the laptop is not repairable or that they will need to replace the motherboard or suggest to purchase the new computer which they happened to have in stock “on sale” .

If they decide to quote you these usually run from $200 to $600.

They ignore the fact that many of those problems can be fix without a replacing the motherboard, because they are not equipped the right tools to fix any of those problems.

We repair laptop power connectors as well as any other kind of power connector there is.

Laptop power connectors are inexpensive fir for your computer. They can be done in the matter of hours.

Laptop Power Connector DC Jack Repair West Palm Beach in most cases is replaced the same day unless we have to order a connector that we don’t have in stock.

Please call 561-285-2828 for DC Power Jack Repair West Palm Beach, FL

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