Computer Fan Cleaning Cost

What fan is doing inside your computer

Computer Fan Cleaning Cost
Computer Fan Cleaning Cost

The fan in every laptop is very important to the remove excess heat.

The fan creates an airflow which causes particles such as fibers, hair and dust to get drawn up through the machine, many of these particles pass right through without issue.

Over time air flow gets blocked by dust, hair, etc to the point that the fan no longer is able to spin.

This leads to laptops over heating, which in turn can do all kinds of damage such as kill motherboard, hard drive, video chip, processor, wireless cards, and any other part inside the laptop.

You may notice that your fan is spinning much more often and for much longer or become noisy.

It depends of how severe the problem is but usually it takes just few hours for fan/s clean up.

We can do complete overhaul of your cooling system. Take apart your laptop. Remove heat sinks, fans, cleanup your old dry thermo paste, clean your fans and heat sinks and reassemble your laptop. After this procedure your computer will run smoother, cleaner and most importantly COOLER.

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