Computer Booting Repair

Computer Not Booting Repair
Computer Not Booting Repair


We do computer booting repair

What does booting mean?
Windows is a complicated Operating System (OS), a software that is designed to tell your computers hardware what to do. Every time you start up your computer (booT), Windows has to load drivers in order for it to start. Sometimes software, viruses, bad hardware may cause the OS to become unstable therefore not boot properly.

Your laptop will start, all the lights will come on you’ll hear the fan, and maybe hear your hard drive spin but it will get stuck and not load into Windows at all. Your computer may look like its just about to start when it restart all over again. You may get a blue screen of death (BSOD) shortly after.

It may also load into the start up repair mode and reboot without ever finishing.

What are the Causes?
Corrupt files and drivers, often caused by power cuts, viruses or bad usage such as holding your power button down until it turns off. Sometimes this can happen after you install new software that’s conflicting with other start up programs or has somehow corrupted one or more of the drivers. Also it might be a Hardware problem like your Hard Drive failing, bad memory (RAM) or any other device inside your laptop This can just happen with old installations of windows as well.

How long will the diagnosis or repair take?
Diagnosis is normally done on the same day depending on when you book your repair and when its collected. The required repair (sometimes reinstalling windows in necessary) will normally be done the same or the next day.

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