Circuit Board Repair West Palm Beach

Circuit Board Repair West Palm Beach
Circuit Board Repair West Palm Beach

Circuit Board Repair West Palm Beach and Micro Soldering

We can repair, fix, replace any electronic parts on the circuit boards, motherboard. Those don’t have to be computer related. From capacitors, resistors, connectors, diodes, micro chips etc.

We specialize in the removal and replacement of surface mount and through-hole components on electronic printed circuit boards (PCB repair).
Micro soldering in South Florida.
SMT Component Soldering;
– resistors, capacitors, transistors, mosfets
– 0402, 0201, 0603 replacement

Integrated Circuit Replacement;
IC removal and replacement
USB, HDMI, FireWire, micro-USB replacement
DC-input, headphone, mic jacks

Hands on soldering and desoldering is very cost effective for many industries such; automotive, consumer, telecom, computer, aerospace, medical, marine and more.

We have diagnosed and repaired many boards that do not need to be replaced. Many people or even IT’s assume that if the electronic board is bad, it has to be replaced. In many cases it will be more cost effective to repair than replace.

We can diagnose any circuit board for faults, burn components, measure and test individual components on the board and repair or replace if necessary.

Refrigerator boards, car computers like ECM and/or TCM computers, car navigation, car overhead console repair, swimming pool controllers, beauty salon instruments, microwaves, switches, controllers, regulators, laptops, desktops, Apple Logic Board Repair, TV board repair and many more.

Always FREE estimates unless extensive board diagnostic is required.

Circuit Board Repair West Palm Beach is what we do.

Please call 561-285-2828

All work guaranteed.


We do the following;

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PCB Repair, Soldering Circuit boards, PCB boards, BGA Reflow, Surface Mount Repair, Repairing Circuit Boards, Electronic Repair, PCB Services and many more.

We offer the following services that are related to Circuit Board Repair. Soldering Circuit boards is our speciality. We can repair electronic PCB boards.

BGA Reflow and Surface Mount Repair is what we offer as well.

Please ask about PCB repair specials and same day repairs.

We are repairing circuit boards of any type from simple consumer electronic repair to any industrial and commercial PCB Services.

Spa Circuit Board Repair

Appliance circuit board repair service,

Printed Circuit Board Repair Services.

Laptop Repair West Palm Beach

Refrigerator Circuit Board Repair

Aqua Rite Chlorinator Repair


ZURN Urinal, Sink and Toilet Automatic Flushing sensor circuit board Repair

Please call 561-285-2828 with any questions

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We Repair Computers, Laptops, MacBook – Hardware or Software Issues as well as micro soldering on any electronic boards